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Greetings from the Department of Surgery.    

The Department of Surgery of the Jorhat Medical College is a young branch. The College was established in 2009 and we had our first batch of Post graduate students in surgery in the year 2019. The department in its first year of its Post graduate teaching could etch its mark in the field of Innovations and excellence. We got the attention of the country when one of out post graduate thesis got the best prize, competing with the MCh courses in GI, HPB and Onco-surgery in the National competition organized by the IAGES.

This department takes its pride in tackling surgical problems during the scary COVID 19 Pandemic. Our students were not at all scared. They attacked the pandemic headlong and developed and designed many aids to prevent its spread. In fact, the Face shield developed by the students of the Department was certified by the Regional Research Laboratory to be worthy. The elective Operation was never closed down. In fact, we had the oncological service open and there by the department gave commendable service to the patients suffering from Cancers during the serious lock down condition. The Department collaborated with various institutes in various level of places from City to the rural and published its guidelines in operating in COVID 19 situation. This publication in a peer reviewed international journal was the first and probably the only publication of such sort. We are proud of our family.

The Department thrives to see that its children, the students, are given wholesome environment consisting of not only well-structured education but enough enjoyment opportunities in the manner of organized field trips, Continuing Surgical education program, workshop with hands on simulation opportunities, Conferences. The Department is trying its level best to acquire the best of technologies in laparoscopic, endoscopic, tissue dissection aids from various sources. We are hopeful that once these are available the surgical quality will reach a finer expert level and possibly beyond compare.

I, as one of the members of the teaching faculties and on behalf of the family of the department of surgery wish you well. I sincerely hope that some day we may meet and God willing, will be able share our thought and a cup of Assam tea in some platform in future.

I offer my regards to you and your family from my family as well as the Department of Surgery, Jorhat Medical College.


(Prof. Narendra Nath Ganguly MS, PhD)

      Head of the Department of Surgery

                    JMC, Jorhat

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