Prof (Dr) Ratna Kanta Talukdar

Principal cum Chief Superintendent Jorhat Medical College



Dr Purnima Barua

Medical Superintendent, Jorhat Medical College


Sl. No.


Name of Deputy Superintendent / Admin officer

Subject/ Matters



Dr. Ranjit Bhuyan

Deputy Superintendent

1.       Birth & Death Registration at JMCH.

2.       MRD related matters.

3.       Disposal of IUDs and unclaimed dead bodies as per regulations.

4.       Matters related to Nursing Staff, Nurses Training, Nursing School and Hostels etc.

5.       Liaison with govt. agencies/ NGOs regarding unknown/ destitute/mentally ill patients.

6.       Matters related to Dialysis Unit in coordination with Principal/ Supdt. JMCH.



Dr. Ganesh Ch. Borah Deputy Superintendent

1.       Disability Board.

2.       TBS -Nodal Officer & matters related to medical appliances/ equipments.

3.       Look after the matters of cash/registration counters.

4.       Matters related to Condemnation Committee.

5.       SPIO related matters of hospital section.

6.       Liaision with Pollution Control Board.



Dr. Rani Baruah Deputy Superintendent

1.       LAQSHYA, Kayakalp.

2.       Matters related to grade-III, IV staff and contractual employees of Hospital.

3.       To look after PMJAY and other Govt. Sponsored Schemes.

4.        Amrit Pharmacy & Jana Aushadhi.

5.       MRD related matters.

6.       Referral Medical Board.

7.       Casualty Matters



Dr. Nilutpal Bhattacharjee

Deputy Superintendent

1.       Disaster Management.

2.       Central Medical Gas.

3.       Matters related to POL & Generator.

4.       Telemedicine.

5.       Matters of outsourced mechanized cleaning agency for JMCH Campus.

6.       Public relations officer/ liaison with district administration

7.       HR training and management in liaison with Hospital Administrator.



Dr. Manab Narayan Baruah

Deputy Superintendent

1.       Citizen Charter

2.       Administrative works of MCH wing        ( SCNU)  including mechanized cleaning, security services.

3.       Govt. Sponsored schemes related to child health.

4.       Public Grievance redressal management and Feedback system.

5.       Matters related to SCNU & PICU in MCH wing.

6.       Mechanized cleaning in Paediatrics section of MCH wing.

7.       Matters of Death Review /Audit Meeting.

8.       Website , Social Media.



Dr. Pranabika Mahanta

Deputy Superintendent

1.       Govt. schemes related to maternal health

2.       Matters of Labour room, OTs and HDU in MCH wing.

3.       Administrative works of MCH wing including mechanized cleaning, security services, dead body disposal and stretcher services in MCH wing.

4.       Issues related to referred cases of Delivery.

5.       Matters  of Paying cabin and Public waiting halls in MCH campus


7  7

Dr. Angshurekha Das Deputy Superintendent

1.       Nodal Officer - IDSP

2.       Management of Epidemic outbreak in liaison with Department of Community Medicine Deptt., JMCH.

3.       General administration of Blood bank, ART, CCL, Lab Tech.&  Lab attendants.

4.       Communicable Diseases and liaison with district administration.

5.       To liaise with HICC regarding Incinerator, Deep Burial Pit, Sharp pit, Shredder machine, Storage area etc.



Dr. Manab Gohain Deputy Superintendent

1.       Central Workshop

2.       Matters ICUs, OTs in New Hospital Building.

3.       Administrative works of ACs

4.       Administrative works of CSSD & Laundry service.

5.       Matters of hospital ambulance & hospital canteen.



Dr. Trishna Dutta Deputy Superintendent

1.       Matters  of electrical items.

2.       Administrative works of Electricity.

3.       Administrative works of water supply, drinking water facility and plumbing.



Dr. Santosh Sahu



1.       Mechanized cleaning in New & Old Hospital buildings and hospital outer area in liaison with Mechanized cleaning supervision committee.

2.       Matters related to Incinerator, Deep burial pit, Sharp pit, Shredder machine, Storage area and liaison with Pollution Control Board and HICC.

3.       Biomedical Waste Management of source in liaison with HICC.

4.       Liaison with Pollution Control Board



Dr. Nayanjyoti Sarmah

 Deputy Superintendent

1.       Inventory Management (Hospital & College)

2.       NKN, IT, CCTV and other IT related matters.

3.       HMS.

4.       Public addressal & Audio/ Video

5.       Equipments-Central Medical Store



Dr. Deepjyoti Saikia Deputy Superintendent

1.       Central Medical Store

2.       Central Pharmacy & Dispensing.

3.       Central Kitchen.

4.       Liaison with District Police regarding security services and Car Parking.

5.       Public Grievance redressal management and Feedback system with Dr. Manab N.Baruah.

6.       COVID-19 related administration & management matters

7.       Hospital administrative related matters of Casualty.

8.       EDL & Non-EDL & Surgical Items (CMS)



Dr. Rana Doley

1.       Faculty i/c of Security as Member Secy. of Security Supervisory Committee.



Dr Rajat Dutta Roy

1.       Faculty I/C of COVID triage and admission

2.       Faculty I/C of  Casualty services.

Important Telephone Nos.

Casualty / Emergency


Principal cum Chief Superintendent
Public Relations Officer