1.     Academic activities:

a.     Nos.  of horizontal integrated class conducted: 1

                        Topic Name :     “Difficult Labour and Newborn Care”

                        Moderator   :       Dr. Hem Kanta Sarma, Prof  & HOD, O&G

                        Presenters    :       Dr. Manab Narayan Baruah, Assistant Prof, Paediatrics


b.     PG seminars conducted: 1  

Anaemia in Pregnancy, Moderator: Dr. Pranabika Mahanta


c.      CME conducted: 3

1.     Suture- Speaker : Dr. Binoy Kumar Borah, Desig: Assistant Professor

2.     PCOD- Speaker : Dr. Pranabika Mahanta, Desig : Assistant Professor

3.     DUB -   Speaker Dr. Pranabika Mahanta, Assistant Professor


2.     Scientific publications


a)     Dr. Hem Kanta  Sarma, Perinatal Asphyxia: A challenge to the Obstetrician’, The Journal of Obstetrics Gynaecology, Vol-1(2), 2015- PP 63-66.

b)     Dr. Hem Kanta  Sarma, ‘Post Hysterectomy vault prolapse: A growing challenge for the Gynaecologist’.  New Indian Journal of OBGYN, Vol-2(1) 2015, PP 1-4.

c)     Dr. Hem Kanta  Sarma, Role of drainage in surgical repair of vesicovaginal fistula  New Indian Journal of OBGYN, Vol – 2(2), 2016, PP 63-64.

d)     Dr. Hem  Kanta  Sarma, Radical Hysterectomy – its trend and role in treatment of carcinoma New Indian Journal of OBGYN, Vol -3(1), 2016, PP 1-3.

e)     Dr. Hem  Kanta  Sarma, Vault fistula after caesarean hysterectomy may be confused with Asherman syndrome. New Indian Journal of OBGYN, Vol -3(1), 2016, PP 55-57.

f)      Dr. Ramesh Sonowal , Coparative study of Hysterosal pingography  in the evaluations of Fallopian tube patency in routine infertility assessment. International Journal of Recent trends in Science and Technology, Vol – 16(3) Oct, 2015 PP  494-498.

g)     Dr. Ramesh Sonowal , Aspartate transaminase - Is it useful as a biochemical  marker  and as predictor of severity  of pregnancy induced hypertension and it’s complications. Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare, Vol – 3(33) April, 2016.

h)     Dr. Shaidul Islam Borah, Association of Bacterial vaginosis with preterm labour. The New Indian Journal of OBGYN, Vol. 2(2) January 2016, ISSN - 2554-2334 (print).

i)      Dr. Shaidul Islam Borah,Use of Gravidogram for assessment of foetal weight. The New Indian Journal of OBGYN, Vol 2(2) January 2016. 2454 2334 (print).

j)      Dr. Shaidul Islam Borah, Estimation of fetal weight by Johnson’s formula & it’s correlation with birth weight. Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Science, Vol 3(7) Oct, ISSN - 2015 2347- 954x ( print).

k)     Dr. Runjun Doley and Dr. Bornali Pegu, A Retrospective study on Acceptability and complications of PPIUCD Insertion. Journal of Evolution Medical  & Dental . Science. Vol. 05(31) Apr. 18, 2016, eISSN- 2278-4802, pISSN- 2278-4748.

l)      Dr. Runjun Doley and Dr. Bornali Pegu, Clinical study of  Eclampsia in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Indian  Journal of Science and Technology. Vol.  09(29) August   2016, eISSN -0974-6846, pISSN – 0974 – 5645.

m)   Dr. Runjun Doley, Dr. Sidhartha  Buragohain, and Dr. Bornali Pegu, Ectopic Pregnancy : A clinical retrospective study. Journal of Evolution Medical  & Dental . Science. Vol. – 5(60)July 28, 2016, pISSN -  2278 – 4748, eISSN  - 2278 – 4802.

n)     Dr. Pranabika Mahanta, A clinics Epidemiological study of infertile couples among the suburban rural population of Bokakhat Assam.  The journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Science, Vol. 5(24) March, 24, 2016

3. Details of professional service:

i)      OPD attendance:     23,283 ( from 1st Sept, 2015 to 31st Aug, 2016)

ii)    Indoor admission:  10,020

iii)  Major Operation:   5362 (including LSCS)

iv)   Minor operation:    1295

v)     LSCS                     :   4409

vi)   Total   Delivery     :  7675




3.     Fellowship in Overseas / Inland training of teachers. :


  Dr. Pranabika Mahanta, fellowship    pursuing for last 1 year in Medical Education.


4.     Any other relevant information:

a.      Prof.( Dr.)  H. K Sarma has been  working in the following capacities

·       Editorial Board Member  of International Journal – Open Access Journal of Gynaecology (OAJG) , published by the Med  Win  Publishers from Troy (Michigan)

·       Editor in chief of the New  Indian Journal of OBGYN published from Barpeta  - a peer reviewed indexed journal .

·       Attended “ All India Congress of Obstetric & Gynaecological Society “ in Agra in  January 2016 as faculty and chaired a scientific session on Endometriosis

b.     Dr. Binoy Kumar Borah

·        Attended National Conference  FOGSI- 2016, Agra, January, 2016.

·       Attended Obstetric Drill , 2016 at Kolkata, July – August, 2016.

c.      Dr. Nikhil Ranjan Rajkhowa

·       Attended National Conference  FOGSI- 2016, Agra, January, 2016.

·       Attended Obstetric Drill , 2016 at Kolkata, July – August, 2016.