Various Activities of MEU


The Medical Education Unit (MEU) has been actively functioning since its inception in 2010. Over the last three years it has seen tremendous growth. Some of the highlights since May 2016 are:

1.     Reconstitution of the Committee by introducing faculty trained in Medical Education Technology.

2.     Revamping the MEU by further dividing the sections and assigning various responsibilities to faculty at all levels.

3.     Formation of the Curriculum committee and the decision to introduce Professionalism, Ethics, Medical humanities, History of Medicine, Attitude and Communication formally into the curriculum.

4.     One Faculty got the best poster award for educational research done for Fellowship of Medical Education (FIME) at CMC, Ludhiana.

5.     Confidential meeting of the Principal with the students to understand their learning and other needs.

6.     Academic audit has been started to ensure regular classes and to check the quality of education imparted.

7.     Conducted Sensitization and orientation programme on soft skills for the freshers’ and 3rd semester sudents to reinforce professional values.

8.     Encouraging Educational research: Two intern doctors and one student of 9th semester along with a faculty invited to present paper at the Conference on Medical humanities at London.

9.     Release of the Newsletter of the Medical humanities group in the pipeline.

10.  The system of taking feedback from students on teaching and learning to be started from next month.

11.  The students and artistes of the College have been encouraged to create work of Art for the amphitheatre and the college corridors.

12.  The Social Service Centre (Xohai) has been established with the motto ‘to help the needy’ is manned by student, faculty and employees.

13.  Plantation and cleanliness drive of the campus taken from time to time.

14.  Flood relief and health camp at Majuli held on 13th August 2016.