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 dent service

The dentistry department provides regular OPD services with 3 faculty members, 1 M&HO- dentistry, 4 JRs and 5 staff

·       Average monthly case load – 1200 to 1800

·       Special equipment available

-        4 dental chairs

-        NSK airotor handpiece

-        Runyes Dental X ray machine

-        RVG sensor

-        Endomotor

-        Apex locator

-        Pulp tester

-        Amalgammator

-        Micromotor with straight handpiece

-        2 autoclaves – vertical autoclave and Runyes common laboratory autoclave

-        Ultrasonic cleaner

-        Water distiller

·       Services offered- OPD service

·       Services linked to ongoing national programs – dental treatment to school children under national school health program

OPD including specialty clinics

de opd

·       Preventive therapy such as Flouride application, oral prophylaxis. 

·       Restorative treatments including ZOE; GIC restorations; Root canal treatment, and Tooth replantation, root planing and curettage. 

·       Surgical treatments such as Tooth extraction including simple and surgical extractions, Operculectomy, Excision of small cyst, epulis and Oral Biopsy

·       Rehabilitative treatment such as Removable partial denture

·       Other treatments such as IMF and splinting in case of jaw fracture, Removable appliance for orthodontic treatment, treatment and counseling of OSMF patients.


4 beds (Two for male and Two for female) are reserved for dentistry department for admitting any patient requiring treatment and investigations under observation.







Community outreach centres(urban/rural)