Services offered:

Rural Heath Training Centre, Titabar

OPD attendance- 40163

IPD attendance- 393

Major OT-40

Minor OT-51

Total Nos. of immunization-2050

IUCD Insertion- 23

OCP Distribution- 173

Condom Distribution-262

Urban Heath Training Centre, Jorhat

OPD attendance-4550

Total number of Children Vaccinated- 829

IUCD -nil

Condom distribution-33753


IDSP unit JMCH: Weekly report JMCH (From 1ST Week to 24th week, 2021)

P-Form: Total OPD cases =88,893

P-Form: Total reported cases=2257

L-form: Total cases tested Dengue(0), AES(82), HAV(273), HEV(135), Malaria(283)Diphtheria(09)

L-form: Total Positive cases Dengue(0), AES(0), HAV(28), HEV(0), Malaria(01) Diphtheria(0)