Scientific Publications : (September, 2020 to till date)

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  3. Goswami Kunal, Dutta Trishna, Gohain Manab Jyoti, Ganguly Narendra Nath, “Serum Cortisol Level in Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) Pathway and Conventional Postoperative care in Patients Undergoing Laparuscopic Cholecystectomy” Published by European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine. Vol : 09, Issue 03, 2022.
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  7. Mahanta Pranabika, Das Anupi, Deka Himamoni, “Effect of Technology Enhanced Learning on the Development of the Procedural Skill of 8th Semester Students in the Labour Room” Published by International Journal of Health Research and Medico Legal Practice 2021 Jan – June; 7(I) : Page 20 – 24.
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  9. Hazarika Arpana, Bora Madhurima, “Effect of Lockdown on Health Profile of Medical Students of Assam” Published byInternational Journal of Scientific Research.Sept, 2020.

Research work done/undergoing :

  1. “Comparision of BMI among Students of JMCH, Jorhat Having Different ABO Blood Group” Dr. Trishna Dutta, Dr. Geeta Baruah, Dr. Manas Krishna Borgohain.
  2. “Effect of Lockdown period during Covid 19 Pandemic on Human Biorhythmic Physiological Processes and Human Health Profile in Individuals of North Eastern States of India” Dr. Anupi Das, Dr. Anju Bahai Teli, Anuradha Hazarika Medhi.
  3. “A Study of Effect of Performing Regular Physical Exercise on Serum Lipid Profile Among Students of Jorhat Medical College” Dr. Geeta Baruah, Dr. Birinch K. Das, Dr. Manas P. Borah.
  4. “ A Study of Food Habits of Medical Students and their Lipid Profile” Dr. Birinchi K. Das, Manas Borah, Dr Bishnu Ram Das.
  5. “Study of Handgrip Strength, Endurance and Fatigue in Different Phases of Menstrual cycle” Dr. Anupi Das, Dr. Manas K. Borgohain and Dr. Nandita Dutta.
  6. “Study of Pulmonary Function and BMI Among Healthy Adults of Jorhat Medical College, Assam” Dr. Nandita Dutta, Dr. Manas K. Borgohain, Dr. Anupi Das.