Dr. Trishna Dutta Published a review article “Mechanism of Hypoxia in COVID – A review of its physiological Derangement “ Assam Journal of Internal Medicine. January, 2021.


Research work done/undergoing :



  1. “Effect of body mass index on pulmonary parameters, electrocardiogram and blood pressure in medical students of Jorhat Medical College, Assam- a cross sectional study” Dr. Abirlal Sen, Dr. Geeta Baruah, Dr. Bishnu Ram Das, Dr. Usha Rani Pegu.
  2. “A Study of Effect of Regular Physical Exercise on HDL-C and LDL-C Among Students of Jorhat Medical College” Dr. Geeta Baruah, Dr. Birinch K. Das, Dr. Manas P. Borah.
  • “ A Study of Lipid Profile Among Medical Students in Relation to Food Habits” Dr. Birinchi K. Das, Manas  Pratim Borah, Dr Bishnu Ram Das.