Dr Projnan Saikia - A study on etiopathology of anaemia in children between  2-5yrs with special reference to abnormal hemoglobin (2023-24).

A  comparative study of cell block and FNAC of thyroid lesions (2023-24).

Dr Aseema Das- A study of evaluation of expression of P16 in squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity and oropharynx- A hospital based study(2023-24).

Dr Sarat Das -  A comparative study of cell block and fine needle aspiration cytology of salivary gland lesions (2023-24).

Dr Kusum Borsaikia- A study on histopathological spectrum of GB diseases in cholecystectomy specimens with special reference to Her2Neu overexpression in GB cancer (2024-25).

Dr Lucky Moni Duara- Platelet indices in coronary heart disease patient (2023-24).