Ongoing research /PG dissertation




Dr. Projnan Saikia


·       2020-spectrum of neoplastic lesions of oral cavity with special reference to p53 and ki-67 expression in oral dysplasia and squamous cell carcinoma (thesis)

·       2020-Evaluation of placental pathology in term low birth weight babies(thesis)

·       2020-Histopathological Spectrum of upper gastrointestinal endoscopic biopsies and Correlation of p53 and p16 expression with pathological staging in Oesophageal Squamous cell carcinoma(thesis)

·       2021-Clinicopathological study of haemoglobin variants in patients with anemia using high performance liquid chromatography(thesis)

·       2021-Population Based Cancer Registry-North Eastern Regional Cancer Registry under National Centre for Disease Informatics & Research(ICMR)

·       2021-Monitoring Survey of cancer Risk factors and health system response in North East Region. (ICMR)

·       2021-Incidental Gallbladder cancer and other pre-malignant conditions in india towards early detection of gallbladder cancer(ICMR)

Dr Prasanta Kumar Baruah


2020- Correlation between fnac and cnb in palpable breast lump with special reference to myoepithelial marker cytokeratin 5/6 and cytokeratin 7(thesis)

2021-A study of bone marrow aspiration in Haematological  disorders (thesis)

Dr Rasadhar Deka


2020- A clinic hematological study of pancytopenia in adults with special reference to bone marrow studies in jorhat medical college & hospital(thesis)

2021- Evaluation of Platelet Count and Platelet Indices and their significance in preeclampsia and Eclampsia (thesis)

Dr AparnaLangthasa


2020- Histopathological grading and staging of colorectal carcinoma with special reference to mucin-1 in Jorhat Medical College & Hospital(thesis)

2021- Comparative Analysis of Cytomorphology Patterns And AFB Positivity Of Lymph Node Aspirate With CBNAAT For Detection Of Tubercular Lymph Adenopathy(thesis)

Dr Sarat Das


2020-Clinico pathological study of ovarian neoplasm with special reference to p53 overexpression in epithelial ovarian neoplasm(thesis)

2021- A  Histopathological study of endometrium in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women presenting with  abnormal uterine bleeding (thesis)

Dr. Basanta Sonowal


2020- Evaluation of adverse transfusion reactions and events in recipients of blood and blood products in Jorhat Medical College & Hospita(thesis)l

2021- Study of prevalence of hep B virus,  hep C virus and HIV among Blood Donors at a tertiary care hospital- a cross sectional study(thesis)