Research work

Investigator /Co Investigator


Histomorphology of Placenta of normal pregnancy and pregnancy with co morbidity with special reference to Maternal Biochemical parameters and neonatal outcome.

Dr. Santosh Sahu and Dr. Shaidul Islam Borah, Associate Prof. Dept. of O&G,JMCH,Jorhat as a co guide of the thesis.


Collaborative study on ‘Anaemia in pregnancy and Anaemic Heart failure’ under  Oxford University and SSUHS.

Principal Investigator :Dr.Manisha Nair, Oxford University,  Co. Site P.I : Dr. Pranabika Mahanta, Assistant Professor, Dept. of O&G, JMCH,Jorhat


Study on ‘Feto- maternal outcome in pregnant ladies with Covid-1- a prospective study in a tertiary care centre’, under SSUHS.

Investigator : Dr. Bornali Pegu, Registrar, Dept. of O&G, JMCH,Jorhat.

Co. Investigator: Dr. Runjun Doley, Assistant Professor, Dept. of O&G, JMCH,Jorhat

Dr. Hem Kanta Sarma, Prof. &HOD, Dept. of O&G, JMCH,Jorhat.


ICMR North East Seed grant on “Vaginal infection and its risk factors among women of reproductive age group with special reference to tea garden workers of Upper Assam: Case control study in 2019 to 2021. Order No: RBMH/NER/2/2019-20, Sanction Date : 01/09/2019.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Purnima Barua, Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology,JMCH,Jorhat and Dr. Pranabika Mahanta, Assistant Professor, Dept. of O&G,JMCH,Jorhat, Co. Investigator and Dr. Uttara Borkotoki, Prof. & HOD, Microbiology,JMCH,Jorhat as a Co. Investigator.


Submitted under ad-hoe Research project under North East Seed Branch “ Evaluating the quality of Care for severe pregnancy complications in health care facility of North East India, a prospective observational study”

Principal Investigator : Dr. Apurba Kr. Bhattacharyya, Associate Prof. Dept. of O&G,JMCH,Jorhat. Co. Investigators : Prof. Ratna KantaTalukdar and Dr. Anuja Baruah, Assistant Prof. Dept. of SPM, JMCH,Jorhat.