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Dr. Krishna Talukdar


1.      Topic: A clinical study of Arthropod Linked Dermatoses –Journal : International Journal of Medical and Pharma Research ,ISSN 2277-2413 (Indexed in Copernicus), December 2015, Vol-5, Issue 1, page- 25 to 30 .

2.      Topic: Randomized control trial to compare the efficacy of split thickness transplant versus autologous melanocyte transplant in the management of stable vitiligo-

Journal: International Journal of Medical Research and Review, ISSN 2321-127X (Indexed in Copernicus), February 2016, Vol-4, Issue-2, page-174 to 180

3.      Topic: A cross sectional observational study to evaluate various cutaneous manifestations in geriatric age group-  Journal: International Journal of Medical Research and Review, ISSN 2321-127X (Indexed in Copernicus), February 2016, Vol-4, Issue-2, page-186 to 192.

4.      Topic: Surgical options for stable lip vitiligo under local Anesthesia-

Journal : International Journal of Surgery and Surgical Sciences, ISSN 2320-9240 (Indexed in Copernicus), March 2016, Vol-4, Issue 1, page-24 to 28

5.      Topic : Disease Pattern among Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic Attendees : A Hosptal Based Study.

         Journal :Indian Journal of Dermatology.2018 Nov- Dec; 63(6) :502-505

6.       Topic : Solitorary Growth on the Arm.

              Journal : Indian Dermatology online Journal 10(2) ,     190, 2019

7.         Topic : A Clinico Epidemiological Study of Childhood  Herpes Zoster.

              Journal : Idoj 107/2018 Nov.

8.      Topic: A case of Paracoccidioidomycosis in a HIV positive patient -  Letter to Editor ,IJSTD_80_20R2_LTE.

Journal : Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted diseases and AIDS , volume XX, Issue XX, month 2021


Dr. Chayanika Kalita
  • Topic: A Clinico- Epidemiological study of cutaneous malignancy- A hospital based study at Guwahati Medical College & Hospital.

Journal Name- Journal of Evidence Based Medicine & Health Care. Vol.3/issue-37/May 09, 2016. PISSN No.:2349-2562, L ISSN-2349-2570.

  • Topic: Studies on Cutaneous Malignancy in terms of Clinical Features and Different Anatomical Locations – A Tertiary Hospital Based Study.

Journal Name: Indian Journal of Applied research. Vol.81/issue-4/April,2018. ISSN-2249-555x, IF:5.397.

  • Topic: Association of Cutaneous Malignancy with different common intoxicants:A hospital based study

Journal Name: International journal of Medical & Health research. Vol.4/issue 4/April 2018,Page No 42-46. ISSN No. 2454--9142

  • Topic: Common risk factors of Cutaneous Malignancy – A Hospital Based Study at a Tertiary Referral Hospital.

Journal Name: International Journal of Scientific Research. Vol.7/issue.4/April 2018. ISSN No. 2277-8179

  • Topic: Risk of Cutaneous Malignancy in Patients with past and Family history of diseases-A Tertiary Hospital Based Study.
Journal Name: Gira Global Journal for Research Analysis. Vol.7./Issue 4/April 2018. ISSN No. 2277-8160