Good morning to all of you!

My dear new comers and their accompanying parents and guardians! On behalf of all the staff, students and faculties of JMC I would like to welcome you to our institute. Also I would like to thank you for choosing JMC to start your new career.

Our college is the 4th Medical College of the state started in the year 2010 and you all are the 8th batch that has enrolled here. The college is fully recognized by the MCI.

We at JMC are like a family hence, while your stay out here at JMC try to assimilate and cultivate the tradition we follow here between students-staff and faculties.

You have chosen a professional course which will account for 5 ½ yrs of your valuable time. You are at the start of a journey which carries huge privilege but at the same time have huge responsibility. As a doctor you are to keep the trust bestowed upon you by complete strangers who come to you in the form of patients to get relief from their various problems.

You should also be determined to preserve and practice with those age old values like high standard of integrity, clear sense of duty, motto to serve humanity, know the limits of your competency and own the overall responsibility,  of all you do.

Here is a profession you learn from practical experiences so never miss your classes. Parents and guardians please take note of it and see that your ward does not stay back at home unduly. Attendance percentage is always considered prior to allowing a student to appear in any university exams.

Well,  most you are away from home for the first time , so learn to organize your time,  keeping the right balance between academics and otherwise.

Never get distracted with what others are doing but try to do the best you can do in your classes.

Work hard but don’t’ overdo it for it may burn you out. Just study regularly. Take your time out to indulge in extracurricular and social activities.

Now, a word of caution against ragging, substance abuse and alcohol consumption. Ragging is banned by the Hon’ble Supreme court of India. We have anti-ragging squad of the institute - any form of physical or mental harassment should immediately be brought to the notice of the college authority. Stringent punishment shall be meted out to those found indulging in such act and depending on the severity he/she would be expelled from the institute and FIR be  lodged with police. Similarly substance abuse and alcohol consumption will bring about serious consequences when caught.

Lastly, I would like to wish the new comers best of luck and hope you have a pleasant stay at JMC.

All of us out here once again well come you to JMC and hope you remain and perform like a true family member of JMC family

Thank you!