a.     2 years PG Seminar- 20 nos


b.     Scintific publication:


i)      Dr.Kannauj Swargiari:

1.     Efficacy of  T-Tube in treatment of perichondrial haematoma (Haematoma Auris) in comparison to simple  incision and drainage under local anaesthesia. IJMPR, vol :5(1), 2015.

2.     Surgical options for stable lip vitiligo under local anaesthesia. IJSSS, vol: 4(1), 2016.

ii)    Dr. Dilip Saloi:

1.     Disposible non – mechanical elastomeric balloon pump for continuous epidural infusion: An effective and reliable means for post operative analgesia. JEMDS, vol: 5(2), 2016.

2.     Rocuronium continuous infusion versus intermitant bolus for maintaining suitable muscle relaxation and recovery status with out using a peripheral nerve stimulator during anaesthesia. AIN- SHAMS J Anaesthesiology. Vol:8 (4),2015.


c.      Patient Attendence/ Professional Services:


i)      Indoor-                                37,709

ii)    Outdoor-                             2,89,095

iii)  Major Surgeries done-       7,458

iv)   Minor Surgeries done-       14,778

v)     Histopathological -             1,070

vi)   Postmortem examination- 515


d.     List of important Equipments installed:


Ø  Workstation- space Lab- 1