The medical profession is currently struggling to restore the mutual trust and respect that used to exist between a doctor and a patient. Even so, it continues to be the noblest profession of all and any student aspiring to become a doctor must have a desire to serve the community. Amongst all the professional education, the medical education stands apart as, in addition to imparting knowledge, it deals with imparting the skills that are of life saving, life giving, and life rejuvenating in nature.

The mission of the college is to provide excellent knowledge as well as rigorous training that will prepare the students to meet the professional and scientific challenges that will dominate the 21st century. The highest calibre faculty, high class education, research, and patient care all serve to attract the most deserving students to this Institution.

While it is important to acquire knowledge, let us not forget that it is our responsibility to make it useful to the society. In this respect, not only the medical care but also clinical innovations are important. I am positive that JMC is uniquely positioned to produce well trained medical doctors that possess the skills, knowledge and leadership qualities, and most of all, innovative capabilities.

It will be my endeavour to make the institute capable of meeting the extraordinary growth in basic and clinical research that is going on around the world. This is a challenging task and can be fulfilled only with team work. I seek sincere support of all those involved with this premier Institution in order to make this Institute a dream medical college. I am confident that with all round support, the college with fulfil the three-fold objective of medical education, i.e. to turn out a physician (doctor), medical teacher and a researcher.